• Brad Rivas posted an update 6 days, 23 hours ago

    The World Invest platform is designed to reinvest the WICoin token on the project’s internal trading platform. Each token holder will be able to reinvest it on our platform and secure a return on investment. Open orders to sell tokens on the World Invest exchange, choosing among free investment positions with a price higher than the one for which you bought the token. You can choose the investment position corresponding to the most favorable ratio of price and time of sale. Due to the fact that our platform is designed for a mass user, the token will be in demand by a lot of private investors. The owners of the token will be able to use the services of the platform and thereby secure a guaranteed income. And for them, according to our tested model, we are planning a profitability of about 50-100% per year, which are preliminary estimates, since the profitability will be even higher. We have combined the technologies of blockchain and artificial intelligence in our project. Having created a software engine algorithm and integrated it on a single platform with a distributed register of the Ethereum network, we obtained a unique financial ecosystem. Pre-ICO